Beach House Academy provides mentorship and industry training in core areas of content production to help grow a capable, creative and professional Singapore and international media industry.

For over a decade and a half, we have leveraged an international network of industry professionals to deliver a wide range of educational initiatives including:

The Annual Beach House Workshop

A two-day media festival featuring over 20 workshops, panels, breakouts, networking sessions and screenings held in conjunction with the Singapore Media Festival.

Training with Singapore’s Tertiary Education Sector

Collaboration with Singapore Polytechnic to design and deliver CET courses in Storytelling for Factual, Entertainment and Kids TV.

Singapore Internship Programmes for Overseas Producers

Working together with the Australian International Documentary Conference and Doc Edge New Zealand to provide Singapore internships for overseas producers.

Partnerships with International Media Organisations

Long term partnerships with international bodies such as CICC (China Intercontinental Communication Center), including delivery of workshops for overseas filmmakers.

Educational Pilot Programmes in New Technologies

First ever collaboration in VR with Singapore’s Ministry of Education to create the interactive ‘Follow Me’ 360 VR Field Trip Series for Singapore Primary Students.

Mentorship Programmes for Young Filmmakers

15-year partnership with Discovery Channel to mentor young filmmakers and help them produce 17 documentary films as part of the award-winning First Time Filmmaker (FTFM) initiative in China.

Grass Roots Initiatives – ‘Kids Vs Film’

Collaboration with Discovery Kids to create an original and ground-breaking new format to mentor kids in all aspects of filmmaking from ideation to scripting, filming, directing talent and post-production.