Cannes, 4 April 2013 – Beach House Pictures (BHP) two-part special – Secrets of the Shaolin – was today highlighted in Realscreen as one of the “can’t miss” projects going to Cannes for MIPTV 2013.

The 3D special, produced by BHP for 3Net and CICC, and distributed by Off the Fence, follows Jason Scott Lee (who was the master in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story) as he immerses himself in an intense boot camp at the institution that invented Kung Fu – Shaolin Temple.

BHP Creative Director Donovan Chan, who also wrote and directed the special, is thrilled their show has been noted as a “can’t miss” project, along with 25 other shows amongst the 100s that will debut at MIPTV next week in Cannes, France.

“It’s incredible to have a trade publication highlight one of our shows for MIPTV, and they say the program  “beautifully illustrates both the physicality and spirituality of the martial arts”, which is exactly how you want a project like this seen.

“It was a huge highlight and challenge for the whole team to produce this, as it features many unique 3D capture techniques including spectacular high-speed 3D photography of Shaolin monks in action. We had to rethink our entire 3D camera system and production workflows. But the pain was worth it.”